Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sega Genesis Codes (k- thru -O)


ff01cf:0010 ENERGY {ff01ce oo10}
{ff01d9 oooo,01da oooo,01db oooo,01dc oooo special powers Carts only.}

kid chameleon
ff0e8f:0010 invincible after 1st hit. does not blink
{ff250C ood0 excellent jumps,cartridge only} it works somewhat on Gens.
fffc3e:0006 lives
fffc40:0002 ENERGY {fffc41 ooo2}
fffc46:0007 spike head
fffc46:0008 always the axe man

king of monster 2
these codes work on cartridge.
(currently, I do not have the GENS rom to test codes).
ff0098 00d0 energy (Sega Genesis)
gens: ff0097:00d0 ????? untested.
ff0099:00d0 =???

king of monsters
ff3b36:003c infinite energy for player 1


ff1041:0004 magic potion
ff1230:00ff money {ff120f ooff}
ff543f:0008 ENERGY {ff543e ooo8}

last action hero
ff0a14:0002 blinks, invinc. {ff0a15 ooo2}
ff0056:0002 time {ff0057 ooo2}
ff0771:0005 ENERGY {ff0770 ooo5}

lethal enforcers Note: I have not converted these codes
ffb0b4ooo4 ammo to Gens Emu. so, these codes are for
ffb18b000x levels Genesis users only.
ffb0afooo4 + ffb0b1ooo4 lives

lethal enforcers 2
ffb18a:0004 level 5 {ffB18b oooX}
ffB0AE:0004 energy
FFB0B0:0004 energy, player 2 {ffb0b0 ooo4 + ffb0b1 ooo4}
ffb0be:0004 ammo {ffbobF ooo4}

Light crusader
ffd078:0090 HEALTH ENERGY !!! {ffd079 oo90}
fff028:0900 money {fff029 o9oo}
fff100:0005 blue potion
fff101:0006 red potion
fff102:0007 green potion
fff108:0010 tomatoes
fff109:000f fish dinner
fff10a:000e holloween egg
fff10b:000d eggs
fff10c:000c boston fillet
fff10d:000B steak,,,,,but i'm a vegetarian
fff10e:000a chicken, la dee daa. big deal.
fff10f:0009 black potion
fff110:0008 odd potion
fff111:0017 journey can be with out it. arrrggg.
fff112:0018 water
fff113:0019 Honey
fff114:0038 TAP HANDLE ***
FFF115:0037 CREST... very cool!!
fff116:0036 Stone Tablet *********,
fff117:0035 custome,
fff118:0034 music box
fff119:0033 BLUE ORB,
FFF11C:0030 Red orb
fff11d:002f scroll
fff11e:002e talisman
fff11f:002d key 3
fff120:002c key 4
fff121:002b silver key
fff122:002a gold key
fff123:0029 key 2
fff124:0028 key 1
fff125:001a always have wine
fff126:001b document
fff127:001c pendent
fff128:001d ring
fff129:001e ring 2
fff12a:001f special bag
fff12b:0020 laddle
fff12c:0021 Cube
fff12d:0022 bottle drink
fff12e:0023 sextant
fff12f:0027 Boots
fff130:0005 fire magic **
fff131:0003 Wind magic **
fff132:0003 confuse magic**
fff133:0003 judgement magic **

lotus 2: recs
ff2bc6:000A infinite time {ff2bc7 oooa}

lotus turbo
final level {ff41a5 ooo7}
ff7cb6:0010 time {ff7cb7 oo10}
ff7d25:0060 weird, always drive fast {ff7d24 oo60}
ff7d7e:0010 time for player 2

M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M dch

MLPA Baseball
note: you must play as the visiting team
ff3d58:0000 the shortstop does not move
ff3cc4:0000 the 3rd baseman is not there
ff3c33:0000 second baseman is not there
ff3b9c:00f0 1st baseman cannot go into fair territory

madden 92
ffdco8:0001 1st down {ffdc09 ooo1}
ffe880:0003 4th quarter {ffe881 ooo3}
ffe93a:0003 start in the Super Bowl, when you choose new
playoffs.. {ffe39b ooo3}

madden 93
ffe0f0:0003 start in the 4th quarter {ffeoef ooo3}
ffe1aa:0003 SUPER BOWL , choose new playoffs {ffe1a9 ooo3}

madden 94
ffdc7e:0001 1st down {ffdc7f ooo1}

madden 95
ffdca2:0004 always 4th down, computer must punt
{ffdca3 ooo4}

madden 96
ffdc16:0001 1st down {ffdc17 ooo1}

madden 98
ffd776:0001 1st down {ffd777 ooo1}

marble madness
ffB0D3:0010 infinite time

Marcos magic football
ff8d24:0007 lives
ff8d28:0004 energy
ffcfd0:00ff invincible {ffcFD1 ooff}

mario lemioux HOCKEY
ff0f04:0004 your goally does not attend goal
{ff0f04 ooo4 + ff0f17 oofo NO goally, cartridge version}
ff0f16:00f0 weird, invisible goally. but effective

STAR CODE for Mario Lemioux Hockey
***ineffective COMPUTER GOALLY !!!
he doens't attend goal.
{ff11e2 ooo4 + ff11f0 ooo4 NO computer goally for cartridge users}
ff1eda:0002 start in the 3rd period {ff1edb ooo2}

fff9cc:0007 lives {fff9D1 ooo7}
fffa04:0004 ENERGY {fffa09 ooo4}

marvel land (also known as talmits adventure)
fff748:0006 always fly
fff785:0010 invincible, but he blinks.
ffe00c:0000 Jump
fff747:0008 Lives

mary shelby frankenstein
ff9226:0001 invincibl{ff9227 ooo1}
ff9257:0010 energy {ff9256 oo10}

maximum carnage...starring SPIDERMAN
ff0785:00ff invincible

Mazin saga (also called Mazin warz)
FFCBE1:0001 kill end bosses in 1 punch instead of 500
ffcdec:0040 ENERGY
FFEBDE:0255 Invincible {ffeBDF ooff} (letter "B" not 8)
he doesn't blink either!

McDonalds treasure land adventure
ffa602:0002 he blinks
FFE050:0003 ENERGY {ffe051 ooo6}
ffe056:0007 infinite balloons STAR CODE {FFE057 OOO7}

ffa442:0002 professional invincibility !! {ffa443 ooFE}
ffa443:0080 very invincible {ffa444 ooo2}
note: cartridge experiences some slow down while cheat device
is activated.... regardless of the code.
thankfully, though, GENS codes have No slowdown.
passwords: 4501,4502, 6803, 8114, 0515

ffBCF2:0255 invincible {ffbcf3 ooff}
ffbf25:0240 Time {ffBF26 ooo6}
Level skip---- press pause, then, right,left,down,right,B

mercs---from the action replay archive
0080B8:c351 bombs
00B094:4e71 energy

FFDE44:0007 lives
ffDE46:0030 ENERGY
these codes do not work on cartridges
they only work on the Gens emulator !!!!!

MICKEY MANIA ************
ff045a:0001 LEVEL SELECT MENU {ff045b ooo1}
ff0466:0006 lives {ff0467 ooo7}
ff046e:0004 energy
ff0470:0005 marbles
exactly where you last died!
{ff0645 oooo--on cartridge}
ff0684:0006 Jump {ff0685 ooo6}
ff06c0:0002 he blinks {cartridge ffo6c1 oo11,doesnt blink}
IN THE MOOSE CHASE SCENE, cartridges only}
ff09cc:0010 ****this allows total invincibility in the moose
chase scene , for GENS users. it's not as
good as the cartridge code, but it still does
work effectively.
{ff0c90 oooo cartridge only--immune to rocks}
This is the best code on the list,
but, not for emus. sorry!

micro machines
ffa672:0000 mostly invincible, and you can drive all the way
off the table {ffa673 oooo}
ffa744:0000 +
ffa82e:0000 +
ffa918:0000 the computer cars don't move in challange mode.

midnight resistance
ff0c5e:0000 invincible {ff0c5f oooo}
ff0c70:0000 invincible,player 2 {ff0c71 oooo}
ff6450:0008 lives {ff6451 ooo8}
note: at menu, Hold "C",, during game, pause at any time,
then press "A" to advance a level.

mighty morphin power rangers
ffd081:0060 ENERGY {ffd080 oo60}

Hig Pac Man (also known as Ms. pac man ---Yuk !!!)
ff10e2:0000 invincible (ff10e3oooo}
ff10e4:0000 ghosts always stay blue
ff001a:003d weird....turbo
ff10d2:0000 + SELECT ANY LEVEL
ff104c:0020 +

ff84E4:0fff infinite money for player1 {ff84E5 offf}

ffd10f:0002 invincible {ffd10e ooo2}

mutant league football
ffe1e7:0003 start in the super bowl , choose playoffs at
options. {ffe1e6 ooo3}
fff4f1:0009 infinite time on playclock {fff4f0 ooo9}
fffd52:0001 1st down {fffd53 ooo1}
fffd5a:0003 time outs {fffd5b ooo3}
note- some of the above codes work better on
2 player games.
fffd5f:0002 check this out,,,,turbo charged running.
when you have ball, simply press "C" twice.

Mutant league HOCKEY
ffbo77:0003 3rd period {ffb076 ooo3}
ffb646:0010 weird, you have only 4 players
ffb6d1:0030 you have No goally {ffB6D0 oo30}
ffbb00:0010 computer has only 4 guys {ffBB01:0010}
Note: computer goally sometimes appears in 2nd period
ffb125:0000 computer turns into monster, then explodes.

mystic defender
fff62E:000c ENERGY {fff62F oooc}
fff62A:0008 Lives {fff62b ooo4}


n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

NFL quarterback club **
ff2da6:0001 1st down {ff2da7 ooo1}

NFL 93 starring j.montana
ff8030:0013 SUPER BOWL (choose league) {cart ff8031 oo13}
ff8c82:0004 4th quarter {ff8c7f ooo4}
ff8c8c:0001 infinite downs. use it, man! {ff8c89 ooo1}

NFL 94 starring JMontana
ff8c88:0004 4th quarter {ff8c89 ooo4}
ff8c92:0001 1st down {ff8c93 0001}

NFL 95 -JM
ff2e0c:0001 1st down

NFL 98
ff2a90:0001 1st down {ff2a91 ooo1}

NHL all-star HOCKEY
ff5a98:00A6 {ff5a99 ooa6} NO COMPUTER GOALLY !!!!
{ff5ab1 ooa6--you have no goally, cartridge users}

NHL easn---(the one with fights)
ffd8e6:0002 3rd period {ffD8E7 ooo2}
ffd905:00fb weird, ultra power play. play against san jose.
you choose visitor. san jose has NO players
ffd906:0001 he's got noone except a goally
:0003 he's got 2 guys and a goally
:000D six versus 1....... weird!
ffd908:0002 You have No goaltender {ffD909 ooo2}
ffD990:0002 COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER {ffd991 ooo2}
ffda82:0003 + Start in the Stanley Cup Finals !! {ffda83 ooo3}
ffda84:0000 ** note--choose new playoffs, or best of 7.{ffda85 oooo}

NHL 93
ffc332:0002 3rd period {ffc333 ooo2}
ffc50a:0004 you have only 3 players {ffc50b ooo4}
ffc50c:00ff you have no goally {ffc50d ooff}
ffc6ac:0004 computer has only 3 players {FFC6AD ooo4}
ffc6ae:00ff COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER!!!!! {ffc6af ooff}
ffc980:0003 +
ffc982:0000 start in the STANLEY CUP FINALS {FFC981ooo3+FFC983oooo}
note:choose new series or best of 7

NHL 94...
ffc6f4:00ff you have no goally {ffc6f5 ooff}
ffca58:00ff COMPUTER HAS NO GOAL TENDER {ffca59 ooff}
ffc466:0002 3rd period {ffc467 ooo2}

NHL 95
ffc2ae:00ff you have no goally {ffc2af ooff}

NHL 96
ffc74c:00ff you have no goally {FFC74D ooFF}

NHL 97
ffc758:00ff you have no goally {ffc759 ooff}

Normys beach babe o rama
ffa187:0001 slow jumps {ffa188 ooo1}
ffa18a:0070 jump alittle higher {ffa18b oo70}
ffa196:00f0 invincible {ffA197 ooFo}
Note: to stop blinking, turn code off, wait a few seconds,
then turn code on.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

ff2536:00e0 energy {ff2537 ooc0}

fff030:000f hey, check it out.. final level {fff031 ooof}
fff038:0000 weird, invincible {fff039 oooo}
fff130:0004 infinite time {fff131 oo4}

outrun 2019
fff350:0005 infinite time {fff351 ooo5}

ff8153:0008 start with the virtua racing F1 car {ff8152 ooo8}
ff8162:0000 the computer car does not move. WOW !!
only I could have thought of this one !!
{ff8163 oooo}
ff81cb:0060 infinite time {ff81cc oo60}


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(D to F)

(G to J)

(K-to O)


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